Easter Egger Chicks (Female)

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Ameraucana (Easter Egger) Female chicks 

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Ameraucana, also known as Easter Eggers, will provide an assortment of egg colors for you to enjoy! The Americana breed comes from the Araucana and Ameraucana cross which produces many different colored plumage variations, such as red, brown, black, white and any combination of these. Because of this genetic combination, our birds are not meant for exhibition, but provide a nice touch of variety to your egg basket and backyard flock.

Mature Ameraucanas are medium-sized birds with pea combs, are extremely hardy, and come in a wonderful combination of colors and color patterns making a beautiful laying flock. Baby chicks come in all colors, just like the adults.

Our Ameraucanas are sold as a mixed flock only, and specific feather coloring is not available. Our birds have muffs, but not all will have beards. Hens will breed true for egg color.



  • Weights: Hen -------5 ½ lbs Rooster----6 ½ lb

    Pullet------4 ½ lbs Cockerel---5 ½ lbs
  • Purpose:Egg production and ornamental

  • Egg Shell Color:Green\Blue\Pink\Multi

  • Egg Production:200-280 eggs per year

  • Country of Origin:United States

  • APA:No

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  • 5
    Happy, healthy birds

    Posted by Mary on Oct 6th 2022

    I bought 4 pullets. 2reds and 2 Easter eggers They are happy and healthy one week later Great service. Will absolutely recommend

  • 5
    Happy Customer

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 19th 2022

    Friendly, helpful staff. Healthy chicks. 10/10 would do business here again!

  • 5
    Wonderful place to buy chickens!

    Posted by Dianne Lewis on Sep 25th 2019

    I have been purchasing hens from The Mad Hatcher for several years now and I have absolutely no complaints. I have purchased newborns for mother hens to raise and I have purchased pullets and starters. They have all been very healthy and are still doing great. I highly recommend this hatchery. I will definitely be purchasing from them again.

  • 4
    The craziest of the bunch !!

    Posted by Cindy Anderson on Mar 22nd 2018

    I received 3 of these pretty babies on Friday March 16, 2018. All were doing well until Sunday afternoon, March 18th . One of these babies who I named Cluck Norris, died suddenly. I was just crushed. But on a positive note the remaining 2 are thriving, growing & running around like crazies. Thanks again to Mr. Ben for such a good experience and supplying me with such beautiful chicks. It was totally worth the 2 hr. drive to the middle of no where to pick up all my baby chicks !! ;)