Black Star (6+ Week) Started Pullet

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BLACK Star Started Pullets

(6 to 8 weeks old)

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Black Stars, sometimes simply called Stars are "sex link" chickens, meaning they're bred specifically so that males and females are different colors when they hatch. They are a crossbreed that was specifically bred to produce a large number of eggs. Adult hens and roosters of the breed look very different, with the hens being black with gold or copper tints, and the roosters black with white barring, and having a close resemblance to Barred Rocks, although Black Star roosters are usually slimmer with much more black (they have the appearance of being a black chicken with silver stripes). The roosters also have gold highlighting on their hackle feathers. Black Star chickens are first-generation hybrid chickens, bred by crossing a Rhode Island red rooster with a Barred Rock hen, or vice versa.


Poultry Show Class:No official Show Class at this time

  • Weights: Hen-----6-7 lbs Rooster------8-9 lbs

    Pullet---6 lbs Cockerel----8 lbs
  • Purpose:Dual Purpose, egg laying and meat production

  • Egg Shell Color:Light Brown

  • Egg Production:200 - 280 eggs per year

  • Mating Ratio:10 Females to 1 Male

  • Roost Height:2 to 4 feet

  • Country of Origin:United States

  • APA:No

  • ALBC:Not Listed

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    Posted by Barbara Bowen on Sep 11th 2023

    I am enjoying my black star chicks that I got. They will be a nice addition to my flock. I always enjoy the chickens that I get from Ga Mad Hatchery.